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World major auto manufacturer rely on HIROTEC's technology. And we got a lot of awards.


Since we are admitted that we had good quality, technology, services and price in 2000, we received “2000 Supplier of the Year” from GM.
This award began in 1992 as international standard. The companies who received this award was verified that they had good quality, technology and price at the field of purchasing, engineering manufacturing and logistics.
HIROTEC received this award of engineering section because of the high quality of dies and assembly system supplied to Shanghai GM from August to November in 2000.

2000 World Excellence Award

We received Gold award of “2000 World excellence Award” because we admitted in the field of press processing and door assembly in 2000.
Based on the standard of quality and cost which was decided by Ford and its suppliers, Ford give this award to the supplier once a year. In 2000, 38 suppliers of 14 countries receive this award.
HIROTEC was recognized its technical superiority of press processing and door assembly. And received this award.

Quality guarantee Authorized by Mazda

In 2003, we were awarded by Mazda for achievement of Quality Guarantee Authorization System. We were evaluated on contributing to quality improvement dramatically. Besides, we were awarded “Excellent Dealing Performance” that is presented by Mazda to the company of excellent dealing performances, qualities and technologies.

We got world record in Challenge Competition of Die Changing.

In 1991, the magazine “Automotive Industry (U.S.A)” held “the 6th Die Changing Challenge Competition”. And HIROTEC got the world record of the technology of Die Changing. The time was 87 seconds.
This is the unique competition. The company of manufacturing large body panel such as door and fender compete for the speed of changing dies.
HIROTEC newly invented “HIROTEC Quick Die Changer”. And cut down the changing time more than 1 minute compared with last record. And finally we got the world record.

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