Environmental Policy

Our aim is to be a company that is kind to the globe and loved by the local community.

HIROTEC regards environmental protection as the responsibility of the enterprise. So, we've created the below "Environmental Policy" and we are continuously trying to raise awareness and achieve perfection in environmental conservation. We, especially as a manufacturing company, have put large efforts into creating environment friendly processes and system in place in our factories including energy-saving and material conservation strategies. We are also ISO 14001 certified in all our facilities.

Hirotec Environmental policy

We will make every effort and utilize all available strategies to conserve the environment.

Environment Friendly Factory

  1. For effective use of limited resources, we promote separating and reducing wastes.
  2. We pledge to comply with environmental rules and agreements for pollution prevention.
  3. We make continuous improvement of things that has large impacts to the environment.
  4. We raise environment protection consciousness of all employees within the site and boost harmonious coexistence with the community.

Hirotec Cource Of Action