Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering Center (AEC)

The AEC was established in 2015 to create "Best in Class Technology."
We are conducting R&D activities for doors, exhaust systems, production tooling, and advanced robotics.

  • Joining & Material Lab.
    Multi-material Joining
  • Roboticss Lab.
    Inspection/Random Picking/Force Control
  • Forming Lab.
    Forming, Simulation
  • IoT Lab.
    Smart Factory

R&D Collaboration

We are developing and executing 5-10 year action plans in cooperation with HIROTEC Group companies, universities, and R&D institutes.

Joining Lab

The Joining Laboratory is developing beneficial technology that can reduce material weight and join dissimilar materials in an effort to standardize joining procedures.

Materials Lab

The Materials Laboratory utilizes optimized structures and light-weight material (aluminum, CFRP, titanium, etc.) to design the next generation of doors and exhaust systems.

Robotics Lab

The goal of the Robotics Laboratory is to fulfill our goal of 24 hours, 365 days unmanned operation.
We are continuing to develop advanced robotic technology for automated part manipulation and inspections.

Forming Lab

The Forming Laboratory is creating highly precise and efficient simulation technology, as well as innovative stamping formability.

IoT Lab

The goal of the IoT Laboratory is to utilize IoT, AR, and AI based technologies to achieve a "Smart Factory" with Zero Defects, Zero Delays, and Zero Downtime.

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