Philosophy & Company Policy

Company Principles

    Sincerity is to act in good faith in all things, be steadfast in all efforts, and to never think or act in an irreverent manner. All things are built on the basis of trust. Sincerity is of the highest importance for creating and protecting that trust.
    Modesty is to listen with humility, by hearing and respecting each other's position; through this, harmony in and outside of the company can be achieved. We need to understand that all things are accomplished together through cooperation.
    Progress is to continuously pursue and incorporate new ideas and technologies without being content in just adhering to the current status quo, to strive to be generation leaders, and to see anything and everything through to the end.

Company policy

  • To make products that are beneficial to our lives and through this to contribute to society.
  • To satisfy our customers by supplying the highest quality goods and services.
  • To strive for revolutionary change and technological innovation in all areas.
  • To foster an energized work environment where abilities are developed.

President's Message

  • President Norifumi Uno

Open the door to the 21st century.

HIROTEC has a policy to build our equipment in-house. We have applied our know-how in our plants, acquired from over 90 years' mass production experience. Now, we have grown into an integrative manufacturer, with customers worldwide, that exports press dies, jigs, and various assembly systems all over the world. With this as our foundation, we, HIROTEC, are aiming to spread Hiroshima's advanced technology throughout the world and expand vastly as an international engineering business. We do our best to satisfy our customers by developing new technology and products.